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See also Ghazal References Further reading Category:Hindi poetry in Telugu Category:Telugu-language literature Category:Poetry by Rabindranath Tagore Category:1900 poems Category:Indian poetry collectionsQ: How to get title of video file in nodejs? I want to make a new video file with nodejs and save it as a mp4 file with ffmpeg. I want to write some code like this. var ffmpeg = require('ffmpeg-node'); var video = new ffmpeg.Video(); video.src('path/to/my/video.mp4'); var audio = new ffmpeg.Audio(); audio.src('path/to/my/audio.mp3'); audio.streams[0].format('m4a'); var data = new Buffer('my data'); var mime = 'video/quicktime'; var videoStream = video.addAudioStream(0, audio, mime); videoStream.pipe(fs.createWriteStream('path/to/my/video.mp4')); The problem is that i dont know how to get title of video file. After i create a new video file, i want to change its title. Thanks for any help. A: ffmpeg supports subtitles. Check out the full list of supported subtitles with the subtitles parameter here: In your example you could do something like the following: // Add the title filter var subtitleFilter = new ffmpeg.SubtitleFilter(); subtitleFilter.subtitle = "new subtitle"; subtitleFilter.defaults = { 'subtitle': 1, 'format':'srt', 'text': "defaultText", 'lang': 'eng', 'art': 'defaultArt' }; // Adding the filter to the media source var subtitleSource = video.addSubtitleStream(0, subtitleFilter,'srt'); // Add audio filter var audioFilter = new ffmpeg.AudioFilter(); audioFilter.channels(1); // Apply audio filter



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Chandramukhi Hindi Dubbed Movies Download

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